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The Adolescent Brain - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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A parent presentation about the adolescent brain, including how to avoid anxiety, disordered-eating, obsessive compulsive patterns, depression, self-harm and maladaptive perfectionism.
You will learn:

  • Brain 101: the importance of both the emotional right brain and the logical left brain. 
  • Why having healthy relationships are essential in the teen years. 
  • How you can support high academic achievement without creating increased anxiety or maladaptive perfectionism. 
  • Why boredom, downtime, and play are essential for the developing brain.
  • What is 'typical' teenage behaviour and what is not.
  • Why failure and making mistakes are necessary. 
  • How to develop resilience and grit in your teen. 
  • The negative and positive impact of social media & video games. 
  • How to set healthy boundaries around screen time (and why it's neurologically necessary)
  • What to do and what NOT to do, when trying to connect with your teenager.

Danelle Spence, BSc., BEd., MA., R.Psych., is a former teacher, school counsellor and registered psychologist. She has a passion for psychology and the teenage brain rooted in over 24 years of experience working with children and adolescents. Her experience spans private practice, hospitals, eating disorder clinics and schools. 

Please note: Early bird ticket cost is $20/family (adults only) until November 20th.Tickets purchased November 21st until the event date will be $30/family (adults only).



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